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The place still has hope. #18

I used to avoid news, nothing of importance existed outside my sphere of interests. But it all ended in 2017 when thousands were burned, raped, mutilated alive, brutally murdered in Myanmar, the Rohingya massacre, the genocide that my even ignorant self couldn’t ignore. Not that I didn’t know of the genocides in other parts of the world, or the cruelty some face, but this was the end of my hope for the world. “We’re doomed.” That’s what came to me the moment I realized that I had been sleeping on a cushioned bed, walking in cool breeze, and having my own room while someone was begging for mercy. And you know, for the most part of human history, people didn’t get their own room, either you’d have to be a royal or a great scholar to have one. I wouldn’t call myself that of a happy camper in the world couple of years ago, but neither was I chased by men to kill me nor was I fearing a bomb landing on my head. I read more and more, more of what was going on, it landed as guilt on my heart, that I was so oblivious to these facts. I recently came to know about the “Rape of the nanking”. I guess most of us have lost hope for the world and are just waiting for it to doom. The crime rates are high, kids are dying because of malnutrition, obesity epidemic and what not. 

No. We still have hope. Just last night I learnt the fact that the crime rates are actually lower than before, but its the reporting of the crimes that makes it seem that crime rates are higher. Well obviously there are countries where the crime rates are definitely higher than before. But my point here is that as we have moved forward in technology, the spread of news is vast, until the internet boom, most of us wouldn’t even know what was happening in the other side of the world. The constant expansion of negativity is oblivious to the fact that the poor are getting richer at higher rates than ever before. Its just that it seems as if nothing is happening because we aren’t presented, so to say, the positive. There were five or four yearly famines decades ago. Children mortality rates were high. People weren’t going to schools, a simple bone fracture would make you handicapped for life. People have lived through incredibly tough times, you could say, we are living in the golden era of human history. The rape victims weren’t reporting their horror, the fear was gnarly, molestation cases were almost always suppressed. People didn’t file an FIR in every possible case. The constant bombardment of horror and negative side of us humans is the problem. I’m not advocating for “optimism” but rather realism. You need to see the both sides of the damn coin. Negative is important, that’s were we have to improve but not knowing the positive side ceases the existence of motivation, because it seems as if nothing good comes out of the efforts that have been made. 




We have been flourishing for a while know. That’s to be considered. The pages posting garbage like, “We don’t deserve to live”(showing a photo of animal violence), “Humans don’t deserve Earth” (Photos of deforestation). All that is the most ridiculous way of thinking. Animal violence was always there, its just that you an me didn’t know that some guy in Europe was beating his poor dog since a year. The guy should be jailed, yes, but what about the hundreds of dog shelters in existence? Why isn’t that spread as much. There is a psychological reason behind it as well, we humans tend to look at the negative more, the laceration is more important than your new sofa, that’s how we’ve come this far. Yes, there are new problems emerging, such as cyber crime. But to create an axiom, that is a silhouette of all whats bad with us, creates a world lost of hope and a hundred percent ready to doom. There are problems to be solved, now that we have the ability to know the famine a thousand mile apart, we need to care, its our duty. Don’t lose hope, world is a better place than before and its time that you, if you want, have an impact. How to do that? I wrote a whole blog on that: Read

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