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The one mindset that changed me forever. #21

I have been oblivious to all what has had been around me for most of my life. I didn’t care who won the elections, the epidemics, shallow education system and so much more. I just didn’t care, I was living my own life, and whatever was in front of me, was what I needed to care of. I was proved wrong the hard way. Sherlock said it best, “The world is a system of webs, with every change a shock is sent throughout, no matter how minor, but it effects us all.” Took me a while to accept that, it was overwhelming. Now what was to be taken care of and what was still to be ignored, is a matter of another day. Right now, I’ll show how I started and still keep going in the ever shifting world.

If you think, you form opinions, you form opinions and they are, mere opinions. That’s how most people think of it, but that’s not exactly how it works. If you have an opinion, you act in parallel to it, you never leave the linearity. Look into your, lets say, political opinions, for example you support a party who created a law that restricts movement of elderly after 10pm. They justify the law by stating that its for their own safety, at night elderly people are easier to be harassed, mugged or murdered. You are more likely to oblige to the law if its from the party you support, and thus you support. Now of course you can still speak against it but the probability is low, you’ll have to reform and realign all your opinions to go that way. Now a person with alliance to another party is, you know well, very likely to oppose almost any law created by the other group. 

 We humans, being as social as we are, love to be in groups. The problem arises that we let someone else think for us and the seemingly appropriate ideas are followed without much thought. And so does the other side. Now where in lies the individuality, in thought, being, worth and blame in some cases? Nowhere, you fight together, you win together and you’re doomed together. I was just the same. It hurt me how supporting one group, not only in politics, by in any other sphere, if one wrong act was done, but just a single person, the whole group was blamed. It does make sense in some cases, it does create a high standard of accountability, but it has some major flaws as well, which are invisible if the group doesn’t want to improve. This took me back to my school, when teachers used to punish the entire class, even if only one student created a noise. And the student used to laugh while we tried to keep him/her in control. I hated that so much. Its a good defense though, when you are the one creating the nuisance. Where am I going with all this?

When we join a group, we grow slow, but far. In solo we grow fast but generally not so far, or for so long. And not much of an impact is created. This troubled me, the path to take wasn’t that clear. Well, in the end I came to the conclusion of human incompetence. It was reminded to me after I came across a quote from Socrates, “The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.” “You know nothing, Jon Snow”, that big blow of truth has made him king after all. I wondered, no matter how highly I might think of myself, or how supercilious I might act, I sure as hell am not as wise as Socrates. The epiphany, as settled, reminded me of the wisdom of knowing “nothing”. Every man in every sphere can teach you something, make you open to something you didn’t know even existed. 

This mindset of thinking allowed me to be open to more ideas. No matter how they might disgust me, no matter if it proves that Ronaldo is better than Messi, I still sit down and let the other person talk, shut my mouth and unbolt my ears and believe it, it has saved me from misinformation more times than I can count and so will it for you. All this will only happen when you distant yourself from the group, abstractly, and think of the opinions you have, talk with the other side. And I’m telling you, it’ll be harder than taking an injection at the age of seven. But as it was then, so it is now, worth it.

let me know what you taught of it in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you. See you next time!

“The only sin we can forgive to each other is having different opinions.” – Ralph Emerson