Don’t judge yourself; the judgement of others. #26

Let me start by saying that this one is going to be kind of a juxtaposition. We see a lot of posts surfacing around either telling us to not judge others or pitying and cautioning us from judging ourselves. Its a mess that is gold for anyone with a problem that they themselves created. Let me elaborate…

The idea of “God is the only judge” seems to me a bit stretched; it would be the best defence of a convict in a society where most people are religious. Well you might be soliloquising that God did create rules for us to be regulated by, well you would be right then. The same could be applied to judging yourself and judging others. If someone has a shady history, perhaps a burglary charge or a kidnapping case that is still in process (yeah I know, innocent until proven guilty), we still and I can guarantee you this, would not allow the person in our home or near our children. But why is that? Why the innocent until proven guilty thing doesn’t work in our minds i.e outside of the sphere, of ironically, judgement? It could well be related to our tendency to be negative than positive, the statement works well in sense of the court of law, but not human mind, or rather I should say, emotions. It actually reminds me of the movie “The State VS Jolly LLB 2” where Sachin Mathur (played by Annu Kapoor), makes the point that though the charges aren’t proved yet and the court is still in process, newspapers and media have already let out the popular statement of Suryaveer Singh (played by Kumud Mishra) and others being guilty. 

So why am I elaborating on the point of innocent until proven guilty? Well, because I have a question for you as well. Are you innocent? Now that’s a question pretty much relating to existentialism or perhaps too complex to comprehend and condense in a single blog, but the question remains in context. What are you being accused of? Or maybe the question is, is the prosecutor, that is your own conscience, right? See all I can do is give you a lantern in the cold hard wind, you have to find the path yourself, I want you to get into a frame of mind for the question of judgement and the following Breaking Bad clip is bloody brilliant for that, don’t worry, its spoiler free, I’m not that cruel. 



The law judges us, we can’t bully, rape, murder, take bribes, breach privacy, kidnap and all the other crimes without being prosecuted. Or can we? The laws may differ in degree and definitely the way its perceived in society but the crime remains. Its so crazy but just think how horrifying it would be if I just change the names of the said crimes assuming the acts are no longer crimes because they haven’t being comprehended as such. I don’t even want to name them, its just too much weight. The point is that its an axiom that at least the said acts are crimes and the person will be punished for acting in that way. 

Now think about the judgement you are putting on yourself, is it punishable by law? Yes? Then you have your answer. No? Well, now comes the hard part, perhaps its a judgement on why you scored 80/100 when you were supposed to have a full score. Every law that comes into place in based on how it might effect the common interest on human species; survival. Almost all the laws are based on that or can be tracked back to it. Now if you were going for a job that required minimum of 90/100 to apply, well then you won’t get a job paying you six figures, perhaps that soon. You can apply for that job next year, or go find another job for the time being but if an economic depression hits, you probably will suffer more than you would have if you had that six figure job. Now also keep in mind that economic depression doesn’t hit on a regular basis so you have to be wary of the judgement you put on yourself. Maybe be more optimistic about future, get a job and study at the same time. I’m presenting this example as a shadow blueprint as to how to judge yourself (hold yourself accountable) for the faults you make. 

Now what about the judgement others stamp on you? It depends if its either by law or by opinion. You know about the former one, but the latter is debatable, a little bit with them, but most of all with yourself. That’s where the idea of intent matters more than action comes in. Nope, it doesn’t mean you don’t act, but its handy when you screw up the action, the first two words are going to calm you and keep you level headed so that you know your judgement. Now if you have a problem of being too self-conscience and judgemental, here’s a simple trick to fix it; stop judging others, it works. Have a great day!

“Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.” – Bible