Fair play

Why play fair? #19

We are always told to be fair, be just, play as per the rules, without cheating. But have you ever wondered why? Like, we know it to be true, playing fair and square is the right thing to do, but how, how does it play the role of being the better way? Today you’re going to find out exactly that.

“Everything is fair in love and war”, I find the quote one of the most appalling statements of all time. First, that makes acid attackers, rapists, violent protests and everything done in the face of love or war absolutely justified. You make the statement an axiom. Even war has had rules; not destroying trees, not killing the innocent, the women and children, the elderly and so on. Regulations are in every aspect of life and are paramount for our sustenance. But the urge to cheat still exists, the win will be instant if you do, maybe you’ve bet a lot and cheating is the only way. But where does the conscious and why does the conscious knock at those times. For some its mild, for some quite a lot. We go on preaching kids, “Winning doesn’t matter, how you play matters.” Its a see-saw of a statement, here’s the dichotomy:

Lets say your child is in a game of football, he is tripping other kids down because of his strength, it overpowers all the others, its a huge advantage, they aren’t coming near him, the referee does call foul when your kid does that, but the fear other kids have of getting mauled, is giving your child a head-start at every pass. What do you do? Its a harsh truth and might hurt a bit, but the “right” thing to do depends on your child’s ambition. Is he playing for just one time, or is he preparing for a tournament? If its just one time, like were some wars in history, rules were thrown out for the sake of win. But you don’t want to win a game, but a number of games, life isn’t a single match but a ton of tournaments consisting of hundreds of matches. Your kid won’t be allowed to play if he’s violent and doesn’t play by the rules, he will be exiled from the community of social interactions and that has a huge effect on children. Playing fair maybe causing loss in the mean time, its making you aware of your own shortcomings, those shortcoming are to be improved and then repeating the cycle over and over, trying one’s best to win the set of matches, not one. That’s why, “Winning doesn’t matter, how you play matters”, is a bit contrasting, you want to win, you should strive to win, but the set of problems (life’s matches), not one. I learnt this back in my cartoon watching days when Inazuma Eleven used to premiere on Nickelodeon, loved that show. They used to lose so many matches, but never cheated and finally their resilience paid off. 

Its fascinating to know that we humans obviously have a hard time remembering certain things where as some things just stay, here’s a fact to think about: we humans always remember the man/woman who cheats, always, its in us, we are great at detecting cheaters. This province, you could say, helps us maintain a structure in our surroundings, society functions better, we all play the meta-game, knowing or unknowing and winning in all games in the set of all games isn’t the goal, its being invited to play, that’s the real win, you get your chance, your chance at the world and it will only occur when you play fair.  

Here’s a must watch heart warming video:

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