Sleep well. #4

These days almost every other person suffers from insomnia. But without diagnosis from a doctor, are we sure what we feel is what we are or have. You may have probably noticed that in your own family, some are heavy sleepers and some light. Some can’t sleep with lights on and some without it. Some are woken up by the slightest of sounds and some wake up at intervals during the night. So why is that? Today you’ll find out how you can sleep better and why this variance exists. 

See as humans in the early stages of our history we were out in the open, between predators, there were tons of them. The variance in our species towards sleep cycles was vital. If a cheetah came close towards us and we all were sleeping, well you know what would happen. But because some people naturally wake up with the slightest of sounds, he/she would wake up and alert all the others. Some were required to sleep heavy so that they may be totally fresh to kill animals for food the next day.

There are 4 main chronotype. And you can take a quick quiz to know what your chronotype is.

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Now that you’ve taken the test and you know your chronotype, it might be a little relief to finally know the reasons for your “insomnia”.

That’s all the technicalities that you need you understand. I actually want to share a great way to become one of those super humans, who have to just close their eyes to sleep and not roll over for two hours before even a yawn hits them. Well they aren’t lucky, it all comes down to routine, all of it. See there is something called as circadian rhythms, I won’t go into the depth of it, though I want you to understand that these rythms are what regulate your sleep. If they aren’t put up in a cycle, because you sleep and wake up and different times almost every other day, then you will absolutely have a crazy time going to sleep. Back home I used to sleep at 12am and wake up at 6am. Never came the night when I had the anxious feeling of not being able to sleep. I just closed the lights went under the blanket and that’s that, its 6am now. But now that I’m away from home and for some months now, I hadn’t been sleeping on time. That had caused a huge blunder in my sleep cycle. I couldn’t sleep well, I went to bed two hours early because I knew it would take me two hours to get sleepy. I despise those days. I’ve now again taken steps to have a routine. One thing you all should remember is that before setting any kind of schedule, sleep schedule should be prioritized. Then everything falls into place.

Sleep makes us better at our jobs, while simultaneously reminding us that we are more than our jobs.

– Arianna Huffington : The Sleep Revolution

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