Tunnel vision

Make things irrelevant. #12

Not your studies, that is totally relevant. Two third of this year is already over, I hope you’ve had some goals completed. We all love the resolutions made in the last week of December, but I can actually bet that you haven’t reached your goals and 9/10 I’ll win it. Making goals is a whole different ball game and for another day. Here, right now, we are going to look into the art of irrelevancy.  

I made some resolutions and worked on them with fair satisfaction. But, I found that I was a bit too anxious, not for myself or my goals, but for others. I was anxious that Shroud was losing his subscribers rapidly, Barcelona’s new signings weren’t playing well, I was worried about a ton more. Once you take support of a side you take a pressure and stress. I have heard about people dying from heart attacks after the team lost an important match. 

You should or shouldn’t support a team, wish success to a person or not, is totally your choice, but to take stress over what you have no control over, is straight up stupid. I realized that a month ago and now I don’t care who’s at top of Twitch or who wins the Champions League, and believe it or not, it feels like a weight is off. The extra stress is gone and I can fully focus on the stress I have control over, completing my goals. That’s why switching off your phone and working seems so productive, smartphones being a Colosseum of emotions is shut off and you have 50% extra energy to spare that you use in the work you have.

In psychiatry and clinical psychology, students are taught how to be articulate enough to help the patient go through their life’s misery, take them step by step and tell them where they did wrong. I don’t know if you’ve felt it or not, but when you hear a sad story you feel hopeless for yourself as well. A bit of nihilism creeps in sometimes. Imagine how sad a psychiatrist would be then, right? No, they are specially trained to not take someone else’s stress on their own shoulders. One, if they didn’t they would feel the same emotions as their patients and now you have two people in misery, rather than one person guiding through the dark forest. We’ve got to learn something from this fact. Support a team, a person or whatever, its fine, but making them the source of your happiness is where things take a wrong turn. You have no control over them, you can only guide and hint the path to take, they have walk on their own. Support and work on yourself, your effect on them will increase as you grow, not as you obsess on them mindlessly. Its a bit puzzling maybe, but you’ve got to work that out overtime. 

Lawyers are really good at it as well, they hear the screams and tears of the client but they stay put and not let that bury them. They quietly work on the case rather than calling them 10 times a day to check if they are eating right. Learn to make things irrelevant, the more things you have to care about in life, the more energy will be distributed and the less productive you will be. If you look at millionaires, CEOs, top athletes, they don’t give a damn about who is at the billboard number one ranking. Dan Lok said that he doesn’t even know how to put in a bulb. Gary Vaynerchuk said he doesn’t care if he can’t fix simple things in the house, he simply calls a guy to do it. See people like this care about one thing only, their goals, they have tunnel vision, with their goal at the end of it. Everything else is irrelevant. 

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“By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.” – Christopher Columbus


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