I’m back #1

Its been a long time. Feels good to be back? Honestly, I don’t know, but sure does feel like something I’ve looked forward to for a while now. I would’ve been back earlier, as crazy as it sounds I actually had to remake my entire site twice and just this time (thrice now) its working. Financial problems? Absolutely, but anyways, after all this while I’m glad I’ll now again be able to share all that I care about. 

I feel cringed that I made a gaudy promise of posting again regularly and obliviously I failed miserably. This time I don’t want to make any promises. I hope you guys will like what I post and even if you won’t, its okay, just let me know in the comments I’m always open to feedback and constructive criticism. 

I have opened a few categories for the site’s blogs; book analysis, the general blogs, thoughts on the day to day world atrocities and serendipity and maybe political commentary. Well I’m not too sure about the last one, I’m honestly going to love all this. All this time I’ve been reading and been very distant from social media, posting scarcely ever. So lets see how it projects on the spectrum of internet. 

“The greatest gift of life is the life itself.”

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