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I do analysis of books, write about topics I feel should be informed about. Give my thoughts on subjects maybe aren't that thought through. And sometimes I just talk about my life and its adventures.


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One fine winter evening, seventeen-year-old schoolboy and passionate computer gamer Raafat Gilani thought of writing a novel and the youngster’s dream came true on Sunday when his book ‘The day I died’ was released at Winterfell Café on the banks of the famed Dal Lake. The teenager’s debut novel is a story of a young boy’s decision to choose ‘aggression over depression’ in pursuit of achieving something in life. It narrates the boy’s struggle and his encounter with people in his endeavor...
When Class 12 student Rafaat Gilani decided to write a novel, little did he realise that he would be mocked and lampooned by people for trying his hand at the English literature. Eight months on, the 17-year-old has proved his critics wrong by becoming one of the youngest novelists to have lived his dream in strife-torn Kashmir. Breaking from the traditions of a Kashmir-centric theme, 'The day I died' is set in Japan and revolves around an orphan boy's struggle in pursuit of success. "I faced a lot difficulties, a lot of...