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Health or wealth? What matters more? #2

I got the idea to write this blog when a couple of days ago a discussion came up with some of my acquaintances and as you can see the title, it was about the choice of health over wealth or vice versa. At the time I kept my mouth shut as I didn’t know how I should project my thoughts and maybe in the moment some cunning remarks might have looked really convincing, but drove the person towards a rough road. As I thought about it, a new question captured my attention; why this polarization? Why do we crave or rather want to pursue either health or wealth goals? Why not both?

“Yeah, yeah and make it harder to get either of them.”, is what some might say, and fair enough. But I want to include another variable in this equation; happiness. See when it comes to frames as to how we may decide to go for things, we should never forget the tantrum time can play.  To answer the question bluntly I’d say go for both at apposite times. If you have to submit your research papers that’ll get you into Harvard and you have 48 hours, dump your gym and 2 hour breakfast routine and get yourself into deep work and maybe even forget sleep. Because those 48 hours are going to suck, yes, but to not be depressed and full of stress and anxiety for years to come, because you didn’t reach you own and parental (if any) expectations you have to sacrifice your health for the time being. But one might say, “Isn’t that the point of working your butt off for years, for the well being of the 10 or so years after that?” Yeah, but to enjoy 10 years of peace (however you may define it) you have to work for 10-20 years (as the argument states; without caring for health), let’s say you are 25, so their goes half your life. It isn’t just about physical health, mental abnormalities are a problem in super successful personalities. You’ll have constant headaches, caffeine addiction from working overtime, you’ll have to distant yourself from even mild forms of entertainment like sports. “But I do play sports.” Then why are you even asking this question, you are already subconsciously caring for your health. Its quite clear in studies that older people (who are relatively rich) regret not caring for health as much in their youth. But the opposite is for not-so-rich people, they regret not working as hard. To be honest, in the end, not having enough wealth to cure yourself or your family in dire need is going to destroy you and so is working day and night and not spending time with you family. Going towards wealth road doesn’t in any conceptual universe mean that you’ll be spending time with your family and having regular dinners and stuff. And caring about just health is the same, how? Well their will come a time that you won’t have enough money to buy organic foods and or regular detox sessions. Life is about balance. 

If right now you are a 100 kg and have a good business, let your profits be a little lower for the time being, because you aren’t available for 2 hours as you hit the gym. The compound in a couple of years wealth-wise might not be as it would’ve been if you continued without it, but you won’t be having a heart attack as your daughter cuts her birthday cake.

If you are a student and in 2 weeks you have an exam for which you didn’t utilize the whole 4 months or something, time to dump the gym and jog and get to work. Because you don’t want yourself be a fit guy that later got an inferiority complex as your friend got a great bike for his son while you live paycheck to paycheck. 

Their is a ginormous amount of wealthy people who are ready to give up their parts of fortune for their health so as they may enjoy it. Going back to the happiness thing I mentioned earlier Gary Vaynerchuk has a great quote on it, “I’d rather be happy in my Toyota, than cry in my Ferrari.” See choosing between health or wealth is stupid, both are important for a person’s well being and fulfilling life, as one desires. Their will be times in life when one or the other will have to be suppressed. But in the ever varying and unpredictable life, the most one can do is to try his/her hardest to keep things in equilibrium, because when trouble hits and you have a stupid vulnerability that your ignorance or stupidity served you. You’ll regret quite a dear part of your being.


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