First world problems

First world problems and why you should care. #5

If you aren’t familiar with the term “first world” its usually used to refer to the millionaires and the upper class of the society. Now as it implies, the blog is about the problems they face. But why am I talking about their problem? Whilst there exist a million other problems? Because I think that the troubles that come with being an “upper class” are put into an abyss to be ignored, and no, I’m not a millionaire, just to be clear, I’m like every other middle class person. 

The memes, the jokes and you could say mockery of the problems of the first world isn’t quite right. Why? Lets be clear in one fact, so much of what the jokes imply is absurd. What people don’t seem to see are the real problems that are around and lurking at the top. Recently Dan Lok, said in one of his Instagram videos, that the pressure and stress he faced when he was broke is no where near what he faces now. Charles Duhigg wrote an article in the NYT about the upper echelon of our society. The title was “Wealthy, successful and miserable” I’d want you to give it a read as well.

Look, just having money, doesn’t solve all the problems and we all know that. What’s in the dim silhouette is that we all want to be rich without realizing the cost. I’m not saying that you be where you are, but you should know what will come as an extra package and you better have an arsenal ready to go to war at it.

Life has many other basic problems except the survival ones; love, happiness, fulfillment, purpose and these things are very hard to get. It takes tenacity, gallantry, perseverance and a lot of time. But one also is to acknowledge the fact why most middle and lower class people think that money is the solution to all their problems. Its because what upper echelon doesn’t even consider a pinch. Problems like housing, food, transportation, healthcare, clothing, education expense and what not. Is a major anomaly in the middle and lower class’ day-to-day life. There will always be problems and you might think that the next person is better off than you, but just like you put up a mask of persona in front of them so do they, maybe they are just better at it.

Now as we all are in the rat race of being rich, never forget the cost of a million is a million or more, and what that other million might be is something that’s different in its stress, the stuff that goes on in the head. The mental catastrophe that one faces to get there. So what should one do? The answer isn’t simple, you’ll have to figure out where you stand and find a way to pull at least the most important pieces of your being with you to the destination you’ve planned. And as hard it might be to think about what to leave and what to take, two, four, five hours of mindful thinking will help you and save you, twenty, forty, fifty years of your life.

“Pain is certain, suffering is optional.” – Buddha 

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