Fiction or non-fiction. #20

Took me a while to realize, for the most part of my reading span, I have mostly read non-fiction. I thought fiction was a waste of time. I had arguments ready be thrown at anyone who said otherwise, things like its, first and foremost, all a lie. But then, as I grew myself and came across a book on the thought process of us humans, namely “Thinking fast & slow” I found out how deep I was in confirmation bias. I was only looking at the side that announced my beliefs as the truth. It was hard, but I started to find reasons why fiction is important as well. 

Here’s how I see it and have found it to be true. Imagine, you know nothing about a concept known as truth, more than that its to state reality and facts. Now add to that the factor of you being an average kid of four to seven. The years of highest malleability. Now your parents are sent a complaint that you lie all the time in school. You come home and are about to be scolded, although, you have no idea.  

In this scenario, the child’s ability to absorb the concept of honesty highly depends on the way the parent presents it. Would you (the child) be more absorbent of the concept when the parent says the statement, “honesty is the best policy” to you, or sit you down through a journey of the lying shepherd and conclude the story with the same? The answer for most, is the latter. We humans are story tellers, no other species does that, we like to be narrators, of our own or someone else’s story. 

Fiction is like a paved path that enters smoothly into your mind, depending on the concept of course and non-fiction like a hammer of remembrance. Fiction obviously take time to present just a single idea, while as non-fiction can present it in an instant and even multiply the ideas needed. If you are an avid non-fiction reader like me, you know that reading a non-fiction book just once is never enough. You have to keep reading, over and over to allow the concepts to settle in for the long term. Dependent on the concepts provided, fiction makes the process of an idea easy to settle. Fiction is like a testing ground of ideas, philosophies, human psyche, romance, chivalry, horror and so much more. It takes time to read and only a few things come out as clear when done. Non-fiction presents the idea straight up, you have grab it and let it play out in the world outside on your own. Fiction plays it for you. Crime & punishment is a great example of a novel presenting the human psyche; the mental anguish and moral dilemmas. 

In the end it all depends on the reader, what you can absorb best. It all comes down to the material you take into your mind, be thoughtful of it, don’t merely read hidden ideologies in fiction and personal biased non-fictions. 

I’ll start a daily book reading club on this site, where you and I will read fiction and non-fiction books alike, daily. The books I think are a must read and those that are recommended to me. We’ll be doing analysis and theorizing the symbolism contained in many. If you’ve never read books outside of your academia, its fine, here, you can begin the journey you’ll thank yourself forever, I’ll create a post on how to develop a reading habit as well. You may get an email delivered to you whenever there’s a new post by commenting and checking the box below. See ya next time!

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