Depression. 16#

This blog post isn’t going to be advocating for depressed people and their treatment. Rather than writing a huge essay on it, its time to write about a face, phase and perspective you might have not looked into. First things first, I want to clarify that depression is a real problem and people suffering from it need support and proper care by experts.

There was a time when the word “depressed” was taken a joke, parents and the community said, “go for a walk, it’ll be over.” But, now, everyone is aware of the fact that depression is real and a simple walk in the park won’t fix it. But my problem with the issue of rapid increase in depressed people is how this metric works in our minds. Depression is now known by many experts as an epidemic. And its not the war veterans, the bed-ridden patients who are the most depressed but the millennium. The teens who were cradled to death. The confusion is so massive that adults think just because you have had some sad days and you don’t feel so good, you are depressed, officially. That’s not how it works, until you are diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist for depression, you are just sad, that’s that. 

The problem is people, especially the youth is now using depression as a brilliant undebatable excuse for their short comings and incompetence in handling the struggles of life. And the icing on it is that parents are over protective in today’s world, kid gets in a fight, the parents jump in to save them, kid loses a match, the parents curse the officials. It might be that parents fear the safety of child to an unnecessary degree or worse, they fear that their kid won’t love them if they don’t protect them from every obstacle. 

Interesting is the fact that Dr. Jordan Peterson (Clinical psychologist) found out that many of his patients who were “depressed” were, so to say, cured of depression by having a full breakfast and sleeping on time. I guess the coincidence is not mere chance but fact that we knew that having a proper sleep schedule and having a good breakfast is important. We all were scolded to get to sleep and wake up and have breakfast in proper routine when we were school goings kids. The reason is the importance of maintained circadian rhythms and energy. Its simple as that, people are taking low energy for depression. And then they go to a psychiatrist for some pills and if its a greedy one he/she, besides knowing the fact that you are fine, will prescribe you pills and there you go, you added one more thorn in your life. 

The so called smartphone generation is the most depressed. I’d say the constant anxiety to post and get likes for validation gives the key to one’s own happiness to an anonymous person. That’s why I quit social media for some months, you should try it too. Unless you are an enterprise and do sales via social media, you can quit for some months, at least 30 days. 

One drawback in the life philosophy of “happiness” is that people go crazy, as to why their life is so full of problems, one after the other. Even in the movie “Pursuit of happyness” the movie ends with stating this, “…this part of life, this small part is life is called happiness…” I’ve always advocated for pursuing fulfillment rather than happiness. Even the riches of the riches have problems and face anomalies to degree unimaginable to the worlds below them. 

The face is what we put in front of others to decimate or validate, phase is what we all go through and will go through from time to time, bad and rough days or months or years, that’s life. Perspective is what you need, now look into yourself and accept your faults and improve on them, life owes you nothing, their are 7 billion of us, and no one is owed anything. Their will always be someone who has suffered more than you and still is better than you. So gear up for life and good luck.

“You can always die, its living that takes real courage.” – Himura Kenshin

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