young child climbing stone steps with a lot of effort

Be a baby when needed. #7

Nope, I did not just give you a pass to be a man-child. Today, maybe tomorrow, you will have some stress to deal with, if you don’t have stress in your life, you aren’t living. Stress in needed, good stress, not anxiety. To face the problems, may it be your assignment that you need to submit the next day and you’ll have to work all night, gulping gallons of coffee and red bull. Well that’s okay, but have you looked into your behavioral patterns when an unexpected anomaly hits you? When you need to learn a new skill or deal with a breaking relationship? As we know the universe, the benevolence is just as likely as malevolence. Time to give yourself a manual.

I hope you’ve seen a baby trying to climb the stairs, or trying to walk for the first time on its own. Its hilarious, yes, but its gallantry as well. The child holds the wall next to it and pulls itself up, the legs dangle and it falls. Takes a annoyance-filled breath, grips and sticks to the wall again and tries again. The balance is made, the legs still feel noodles. The first step is still taken, a bit of tenacity guards it. Couple of steps follow. The grip slips and it falls. Now, the annoyance is turned to rage and hostility towards itself, you can see the countenance of the being shifting its shape. The child now takes a jump-shot at it and with two quick steps, just as a smile was about to grow on its face, it pratfalls. The former disposition is now turning into a face where the lower lip pouts towards the upper lip and tears roll down. The cries are piercing and the hilarious scene turns into a situation to be dealt with. The child now takes its time in crying and then sits for a brief period, with itself, thinking. Then takes the tenacious steps again, you see the cycle of anxiousness, cry, and hope run for sometime and as days go on, or maybe just hours, the child just needs a 10 second rest to go for the steps again after a pratfall, even now, without the wall.  

Well, as it seems, child is the father of man after all. That’s how we need to deal with a new situation. Take the help you may get, grip the wall, even if its flat and tall. Cry if you want, but don’t throw in the towel. Let the cycle run, you’ll get better at it. And as you get better at the problem, another will come, you can’t stop those. Sometimes while facing the troubles of life, you may blame yourself and drown in guilt, that’s when crying helps, its even proven by research. You may taste dust as you fail to solve the problem, but if you stop, soon you’ll be buried in it. Maybe you’ll get lucky enough that you get a head-start at it, but stay put, because the cost will come. Take a deep breath and keep going. That’s the challenge of life. Deal with all those that may come your way with gallantry and persistence. 

“Heroism is endurance for one moment more.” – George F. Kennan

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