Start small

Always start small. #15

We love the gaudy, flashy and supercilious. The florescent Lamborghini that you can’t afford right now, the 4BHK flat that you can’t buy either and the 12 hour productive life that you desire. Seems like I’ve started on the rough course here. Kinda had to, reality check is important. 

For most of us, the best day is the day where the boss didn’t scream at our face because we delivered, slept 6-7 hours like a baby and felt like world is at peace. We try to work like that and the effort is worn off in a couple of days and we postpone it for the next year. Its a classic parody that we create of our own lives. Story time:

Warren Buffet, who is one of the richest men on Earth, having a net worth of 82.5 Billion $ (8,650 Crores, let that sink in for a moment) started with the smallest step of all. He used to sell newspapers as a kid of 12. He saved some money and bought a soda machine. He placed the soda machine at a barbers shop and in return asked for a commission. Sometime in the future, he bought a couple of more soda machines and did the same, the cash flow was increased, now rather than buying one or two at a time he could buy a bunch. And if we skip past his achievements and struggles that are too vast to expand on right now, we land at, again, 82.5 Billion $. 

Stop and think how small he started, from a couple of dollars, to a couple of hundred dollars, to a thousand, to a million and millions and only then, billion and billions. 

You want that 12 hour focused brain? You need to start by 12 minutes and I am so not kidding. I myself started by 1 minute. I increased the minutes by 1 everyday to a week and by 5 the next week and so on. The biggest mistake people make, is that they are so pumped that they are going to work hours together the next day and they do, they work really hard, sleep just 6, rather than 10. But, the next day the body compensates by headaches, low dopamine (as their was no instant reward) and fatigue. By committing to less than achievable goals in start (with the vision of the bigger goal intact) you channel a snowball effect, it starts small but slowly it accumulates the big chucks and the +1, +2, become +10, +20. 

I feel the same, to work very hard the first day, so that my body adapts quickly, but I know it won’t, its the reality, body takes time. Start slowly, if I can read 10 pages because of the motivation of the first day, I stop at 7 or 8, or less and save the motivation, as to say, for the coming time. I can guarantee you’ll have a great urge to fire up your engines to the max in the starting days, but don’t, just keep it low and consistent. Just as in the gym, people who work their ass off for a week and then are gone for a month, complain about the slow results, if at all any, but the slow starters stay consistent and get results. Here’s a cool video to illustrate the effect of the gradual increase; tiny to massive. 


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

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