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A simple way to change the world. #17

This is the simplest and the most effective way you, yeah you, just you, can change the world. The title says simple, but that’s in relative to all the other options. Okay, first we have to figure out what to change so that everything falls into place. Is is the roads? Tress? Rivers? Sewers perhaps? To be real its the people. Its all them, the bad souls that exist in the world. The corrupt politicians, the burglars, the rapists, that neighbor of yours and all the others we want to see change, we aren’t bad people, so, we just want bad people to change rather than annihilate them. Change is required, absolutely. Its stated and known. 

Isn’t the above paragraph a relief? I think it is, just if we had a snap like of Thanos, we could just wipe out the bad and degraded souls and then would be the utopia we all desired, full of peace and serenity and most importantly, you. Well there is no snap. So what do we do? Don’t worry, I won’t and am not ranting here, I’ll give you the solution, a practical one. 

Most of us follow a personality, a person we admire, so much so that we wan’t to become them. I do too, but what is it in them that’s so fascinating? Why do we want to be like them and have an “impact” like them, be a philanthropist an educator and so on. Why is that? I see so many adults whining around, trying to have an “impact on people.” I don’t have a problem with them trying to make people’s lives better, have the “impact” and whatever, the problem is the way we, with seemingly no “impact” feel about the things. “Oh, I’m just a spec of dust in 7 billion.” Its a fair argument to why your actions don’t matter. If you seize to exist not much will happen. Are you sure? Actually I used to think the same, the same as anyone wishing to change the world would think about the matter. But I encountered an epiphany while watching a video, that changed how I wanted to change or have the impact I wished of, onto the world.

In your lifetime, you’ll meet a thousand people, maybe more but not less and we know how a single human’s behavior can effect us, its undeniable. Lets do the math:

1000 (the people you’ll personally meet) x

1000 (every person that you’ve had an impact on, has his/her own 1000) = 


That’s a lot actually. So your actions, thoughts, behavior and presence has an impact of a million combined and its up to you, how you want those million to exist in the world. Yeah not all care, but lets say just 100,000 people see the effect and just half act on it. That’s a whole locality in an urban area. So yeah, you aren’t just a spec of dust in 7 billion, you have an impact by the way you greet, talk, walk, behave, and think. Those people you admire know this, they didn’t complain that they don’t have the power when they were just like you and me, they worked and realized that they will see the impact, only when they’ve changed for the better. So use this power, be conscious of it and if you really want to change the world start with the million you have. That’s exactly the mindset you need, to change the world and yeah as you might have figured by now, starting with you. Imagine if just 10 people, including you, could be your spouse, gf/bf, father, mother, brother, sister etc. just your family changed, the world will be a better place. But in the opposite path, as we have always known, one rotten apple, spoils the barrel.

Every person matters.

“Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do.” – Tom Ziglar

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