Bad habits

A new way to end your bad habits. #6

What we do every single day is what we are. Habits are projections of our existence and reflection of our effect to our surroundings and ourselves. We have good and bad ones. If you aren’t a crazy person, you’d want, like any other dreamer in the world, to be an idol that you yourself look up to. The man/woman you imagine yourself to be (your persona). Friedrich Nietzsche once said; “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” Yes, but both you and I know how we talk to ourselves in the mirror of our bathrooms; like we own the world. So, we do know our illusions, we just momentarily acknowledge them and then shift our perception outwards. Delaying our improvement procedures and plans, if we have any. Well, that’s just human. We all want to be the person who wakes up at 4am and works till 8pm non-stop, making 10 million $ a year. Me too. But that won’t happen by watching meaningless validation seeking reaction videos. Yeah, why do you think people love watching those. I recently observed what was going on, we watch for one of the two reasons. Either we want their view or as we laughed or cried we want to see them feel the same and that gives a sense of validation and companionship. I think I’m going a bit too off topic.

Stop and think about the habits you have, nothing is an accident or nothing just happens in your daily life that makes it look like you have less hours than the other hyper-productive beings around you. Life is a routine, day in and day out. I want you to be self-conscious about them all. How and when you wake up, how you take your damn clothes off even. Literally everything. Now after that analysis (its going to take a while) what habits do you want to change. And let me tell you a thing, once a system of cue and triggers are set in the brain, they CAN’T be removed. Yup, you’re so screwed. I’m kidding, actually they can ONLY be replaced. I’ll go into all that some other day. 

I think we all know the circulating “fact” that habits take 21 days to change. Actually yes and no, it depends an ample amount on the degree to which you have the habit ingrained into you. There’s a new technique you may want to try, its a bit bizarre and metaphysical in a way, but, if you’ve exhausted every other option or are tired of mainstream methods, this might help. 

All you have to do is create an enemy that has a single goal in its existence; you see you crumble. Yeah, I told you its bizarre. Weather you believe it or not, many celebrities use it to get through their tough times. What they do is they create a “they/them”. Now what the hell does that mean? “They/them” represents the devil in a sense; an entity existing just so to bring you to your knees and make you give up hope on yourself and the world. DJ Khaled said in his interview on the Ellen Show that, “They don’t want you inspired”, “They don’t want you to win.” He later urged the host Ellen, “Please, Ellen stay away from them.” The ‘they’ aren’t real people, its what Khaled has created for himself to help him get a, you may say nitro-boost of a motivation. Its not just him, many others have also been known to do this. They create a virtual resistance which they convince their mind is real, be careful though, don’t dive too deep into it. You might just become paralyzed by the fear of resistance from the outside world. Just a heads up. Their is so much that maybe is against your dreams and goals, but find the one you care most about, the one that shouldn’t win over you.

We have habits and things we would like to change, smoking, internet addiction, anime (an addiction I had previously), TV and maybe something else. We need to change, and change is scary, its uncertain, and so is life. The world is a treadmill and if we stop, we don’t stay static, we go backwards, to keep up and move forward, we have to be in a constant motion of growth and positive change.

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche 

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