Operation Popeye | Declassified #10

Back in 2017 when I started to look into the covert government projects of the world, much of it was filled with subjectively assessed theories laid with paranoia known by the term – as given to them by the CIA in 1967 – “conspiracies theorists/theories.” Although it’s used more as a weapon of identity politics against someone who questions the “official” narrative, but no doubt some of its use is justified as well. One of the major theories had always been that the government can change weather, or that the government has power to do so. It seemed rather absurd, “how could you change weather,” how could technology be so advanced that we can essentially change the natural face of the earth. And if we did have such technologies, why don’t we use it for good, to have proper timed snow, rain, sunshine, fall etc. Why not use the technology to make it rain where it doesn’t, to stop unnecessary sunshine, drought and all the calamities that are caused by “nature.” After a lot of digging over the years I found something that is “public” i.e. declassified. Welcome, Operation Popeye.

Necessity is the mother of invention, how important is the requirement of the need that is debatable, but regardless inventions come into fruition. What was such a desperate situation that the nature was to be tackled? It was the good old need for survival, not directly from nature, but other non-ideologue-conforming people i.e. war, more specifically Vietnam War, I’m telling you, history has more, much more than you’re told. The history of the “weather modification program” The US DoD (Department of Defense) had sought approval of the program whose aim was to modify weather in Vietnam in such a way that heavy rainfall would be poured along the lines of communication to interdict or at least interfere with truck traffic between North and South Vietnam. Quote, “recently improved cloud seeding techniques would be applied on a sustained basis, in a non-publicised effort to induce continued rainfall through the months of the normal dry season.” During the test phase, more than 50 cloud seeding experiments were conducted. The results are viewed by DOD as outstandingly successful.

Image source: weathermodificationhistory.com

Below are some excerpts that are pretty fascinating from the DoD:

  1. 82% of the clouds seeded produced rain within a brief period after seeding—a percentage appreciably higher than normal expectation in the absence of seeding.
  2. The amount of rainfall induced by seeding is believed to have been sufficient to have contributed substantially to rendering vehicular routes in this area inoperable. Since the end of the rainy season, the communists have failed to undertake route repairs and there has been no vehicular traffic.
  3. In our view, the experiments were undeniably successful, indicating that, at least under weather and terrain conditions such as those involved, the U.S. Government has realised a capability of significant weather modification. If anything, the tests were “too successful”—neither the volume of induced rainfall nor the extent of area affected can be precisely predicted. The only absolute control, therefore, is after the fact, i.e., to halt cloud-seeding missions.

The operation was highly classified, a weapon of war known by no civilisation. The former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert S. McNamara, was aware that there might be objections raised by the international scientific community but said in a memo to the president that such objections had not in the past been a basis for prevention of military activities considered to be in the interests of U.S. national security. There was also evidence of broader applications of weather modification, such as cloud rain-out over the ocean to reduce precipitation of friendly forces, cloud dissipation by overseeding to improve visibility of friendly forces, and other applications based on tactical operations. In view of the success of Project Popeye, COMUSMACV (Commander US Military Assistance Command Vietnam) recommended immediate full-scale implementation of the Popeye technique, to include these broader aspects.

Image source: weathermodificationhistory.com

Weather modification was a technology once embraced by the US military as a tool to help both wartime and peacetime missions. However, interest in the ability to modify weather waned following the end of the conflict in Vietnam and became virtually non-existent after the passage of the Environmental Modification (ENMOD) Treaty in 1977, which prohibited offensive weather modification from occurring over a large area. Treaties are especially of great interest to me, not only to they allow “peace” but they rather in an unorthodox way hide what was done. Weather is modifiable, there’s no doubt about it, it has been done almost a century ago, so how far has the technology come is the question. Let’s take a look.

Most of the people who are luckily not that lazy and so will research about who dictates their world, even they, fall into the idea of “mainstream” unless NBC, BBC, TIMES, Zee, and other such “news” organisations report such a thing, no one will believe it. It’s even more interesting that although people know that mainstream media is a joke, even then they rather have the jokers tell them the news than dig into the archive of governments, by the way which are “public.” So here’s a report by mainstream; by Business Insider, with the title “China just set aside $30 million for a controversial project designed to make it rain by shooting clouds with special bullets – and it’s not the only one.”This summer China set aside $30 Million dollars for a controversial project that involves shooting salt-and-mineral-filled bullets into the sky. Their mission? Make it rain. The project is part of a larger campaign of so-called weather modification techniques that the country has been using since at least 2008, when they claim to have cleared the skies for the Beijing Olympics by forcing the rain to come early.” China isn’t the only country that did it. UAE has an ongoing program by which they “make it rain” once a week. Just if the information still hasn’t pierced your skull, there is a program currently in the world, actively modifying weather to “make it rain.” And the technology was a classified one by the US, during the Vietnam War, because it was “weather warfare.” It’s a crazy world out there, we have all the information, it’s hidden in plain sight, all that is to be done is connect the dots; this is no theory, these are government confessed facts.


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  1. Unfortunately government is without morals or ethics. As they see the world burn from their shelters they will tell us it’s for our own good.

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