About this site

I created this website a year ago. I had just so much to share, but I didn’t know how to share it efficiently with proper form. Social media and all was great, but a website felt a bit more connecting and personal to me. Also here I give updates to my coming novels. I always wanted to do book analysis, what I’ve got from them. Famously no two people read the same book, so I thought why not give someone my take on writings. I’m not a critic, but just have a perspective you might want to take a look at. 

Interested in my work?

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Rising Kashmir

By Yawar Hussain
One fine winter evening, seventeen-year-old schoolboy and passionate computer gamer Raafat Gilani thought of writing a novel and the youngster’s dream came true on Sunday when his book ‘The day I died’ was released at Winterfell Café on the banks of the famed Dal Lake. The teenager’s debut novel is a story of a young boy’s decision to choose ‘aggression over depression’ in pursuit of achieving something in life. It narrates the boy’s struggle and his encounter with people in his endeavor [...]

DNA India

By Ishfaq-ul-Hassan
When Class 12 student Raafat Gilani decided to write a novel, little did he realise that he would be mocked and lampooned by people for trying his hand at the English literature. Eight months on, the 17-year-old has proved his critics wrong by becoming one of the youngest novelists to have lived his dream in strife-torn Kashmir. Breaking from the traditions of a Kashmir-centric theme, 'The day I died' is set in Japan and revolves around an orphan boy's struggle in pursuit of success. "I faced a lot difficulties [...]

The Day I Died

What mistakes did the poor kid make to suffer such a fate, loaded with atrocities and misery?"The misery I faced got me some beautiful soul's conversance."


With the bullets of the Spanish Civil War piercing through space and time, some had a different destiny than others. Good or bad? Who decides?