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I created this website a year ago. I had just so much to share, but I didn’t know how to share it efficiently with proper form. Social media and all was great, but a website felt a bit more connecting and personal to me. Also here I give updates to my coming novels. I always wanted to do book analysis, what I’ve got from them. Famously no two people read the same book, so I thought why not give someone my take on writings. I’m not a critic, but just have a perspective you might want to take a look at. 

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The book is set in Spain during the Spanish civil war, and follows the life of two friends as the trauma of war rends their lives apart, the statement said. Raafat said, “I wanted to move away from the common narrative of speaking about Kashmir, and yet I wished to write about the theme of war which is familiar to us.” The chief guest RJ Nasir praised the book and said, “It is heartening to see young authors are taking the initiative to develop a literary culture in Kashmir. I can safely predict that in the coming year’s literature from Kashmir will come into its own.” The book is available on all e-commerce stores and on FreshCode Books online store.

Rising Kashmir

By Yawar Hussain
One fine winter evening, seventeen-year-old schoolboy and passionate computer gamer Raafat Gilani thought of writing a novel and the youngster’s dream came true on Sunday when his book ‘The day I died’ was released at Winterfell Café on the banks of the famed Dal Lake. The teenager’s debut novel is a story of a young boy’s decision to choose ‘aggression over depression’ in pursuit of achieving something in life. It narrates the boy’s struggle and his encounter with people in his endeavor [...]

DNA India

By Ishfaq-ul-Hassan
When Class 12 student Raafat Gilani decided to write a novel, little did he realise that he would be mocked and lampooned by people for trying his hand at the English literature. Eight months on, the 17-year-old has proved his critics wrong by becoming one of the youngest novelists to have lived his dream in strife-torn Kashmir. Breaking from the traditions of a Kashmir-centric theme, 'The day I died' is set in Japan and revolves around an orphan boy's struggle in pursuit of success. "I faced a lot difficulties [...]

The Day I Died

What mistakes did the poor kid make to suffer such a fate, loaded with atrocities and misery?"The misery I faced got me some beautiful soul's conversance."


With the bullets of the Spanish Civil War piercing through space and time, some had a different destiny than others. Good or bad? Who decides?