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I’m Raafat Gilani, I use this website to share my thoughts on whatever has been brewing in my mind at the moment. Feel free to look around for any topics that might interest you and I hope you gain some kind of value from my writings!

"...[Raafat Gilani] has become the youngest novelist of Kashmir at present."
Greater Kashmir
Comments on the first publishing
"...[Raafat Gilani] has proved his critics wrong by becoming one of the youngest novelists to have lived his dream in strife-torn Kashmir."
DNA India
Review by the outline
"...[the novel] is the second foray of the author into writing."
Pristine Kashmir
After the release of my second novel

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Flat earth, the Antarctic, and your motherless self | #38

Introduction I won’t be diving into the mess of the flat earth theory, or the enigma surrounding the Antarctic, however the two will be playing . . .

Today or tomorrow, but never never | #37

There have been loads of books written on the purpose behind literature, purpose behind life, purpose behind nuclear weapons et cetera. Purpose defines actions, and actions towards that purpose are something ‘ought’ rather than ‘is’. To reiterate, just because something is a way, doesn’t necessitate that it ought to be that way; “you cannot get ought from an is”…

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